Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Baby Size 15" x 15"
from Birth
(full term and 8lbs and up)
Standard Size 16" x 17"
from birth
(full term and 8lbs and up)
Toddler Size 18" x 19"
From approx 18 months 
Preschool 20" x 21"
from approx 2.5 years
The Cherry Pop now comes in 2 sizes
Small - Birth to Toddler 
Large - Toddler +

 Mei Tais are one of the traditional carriers that have been used in parts of asia for centuries. It features 2 long shoulder straps that wrap around you and your baby for a secure and comfortable fit and a long fabric waist band. One option for you waist band is a ring waist, one side of the waist band has a pair of small ring and the fabric strap attached to the other side threads through them. Click here for a picture of a ring waist. 

A modern variation is to have a buckle and webbing fastening on the waist band, this is known as a half buckle mei tai and I have 2 variations. The first has a buckle and webbing fastening waist band the same as the full buckle carrier, it is lightly padded and top stitched to provide structure.

The second is the cherry pop half buckle which comes with wrap shoulder straps and has a webbing only waist and has the benefit of a width adjuster to make the seat narrower for smaller babies. Once your baby becomes a toddler you can use the wrap straps to provide a wider seat. It folds up pretty small so it is easy to pack in your bag and the small will last from birth to toddler. the small adjusts from 12" to 16" wide and you can increase the seat width by spreading the wrap straps. The large has a width of 17" to 20" and again the width of the seat can be increased with the use of the wrap straps. Its a great value carrier and is very comfy too!

For reverse half buckle pricing and information please click on the full buckle carrier page. 

There are lots of optional extras so you can fully customise your carrier!


Wrap Conversions - wrap to be provided by the customer

Mei Tai Carrier - £65

Half Buckle Mei Tai - £75

Cherry Pop Compact Half Buckle Mei Tai - £55

Wrap straps are included in the price, if you wish to change them to padded straps please see below. The straps come in 3 lengths,

72", 82" and 94" - 82" is standard and will be the length provided unless otherwise directed.

prices include a flat sleep hood

Carriers (non wrap conversions) 

Baby Size - £75

Standard size -£80

Toddler - £85

Preschool - £90

These carriers have padded straps as standard and come in 3 lengths,

72", 82" and 94" - 82" is standard and will be the length provided unless otherwise directed.

all prices include a flat sleep hood.

Optional extras:

Sleep Hood upgrade - £10

pixie hood, sweater hood 

or flat adjustable hood

Removable Hood - £7.50

will attach with 4 press studs

Legs Out Padding - £8

Arms and Legs out Padding - £16

Decorative Fabric Panel - £12

Ring Waist - £6.50

Seat Darts* - £15

*not available for the cherry pop 

Phoenix Padded to Wrap Straps - £17.50**

Padded Straps - £5**

**available for wrap conversions only but not the cherry pop

Machine Embroidery and Applique - Price depends upon complexity and size please contact me for more information.