Onbuhimo Baby Carriers 

Onbuhimo carriers, often shortened to onbu, are another ancient traditional carrier from Asia, these carriers now come with a variety of modern twist.
All of my onbus are based on the same pattern, these carriers do not have waist bands. The carrier body panel is longer than the other carrier styles and is designed so that part of the panel is pulled up between you and your baby so it creates a pouch for your child to sit in. The carriers also feature slightly contoured body panels so that a shorter child can have more of the carrier pulled up between you and the 'seat' is then narrower for a better fit and comfier ride. 
The traditional Onbu feature a rectangular body with long shoulder straps that thread through a ring at either side of your waist and then either tie and the waist or you can thread them through the shoulder straps and tie Tibetan style. That just means after you thread the straps through the opposite shoulder strap and then tie the ends together like in the photos in the gallery on the top right.
The Buckle Onbu is very much like the traditional onbu but has short adjustable padded shoulder straps that fastens with a buckle. They also have a chest belt to keep the shoulder straps in place. 
The Reverse Onbu is my favourite carrier its an onbuhimo with a new twist, the rings are on the top strap which have adjuster to provide a great fit no matter your size or shape and have long wrap straps coming from the bottom that thread through the rings and wrap around to give extra support your child. It is ideal for back carries but can be used on your front too.

The Reverse Onbu short strap version is the basically a mix of the reverse onbu and the buckle onbu. It has padded shoulder straps with rings, shorter wrap straps coming from the bottom of the carrier and a chest belt. It has the convenience of folding up small like the buckle onbu but a little more elegance like the reverse onbu.   

Standard Size 
from birth
(full term and 8lbs and up)
buckle onbu and short strap reverse onbu 
from 3 months full term
Toddler Size 
From approx 18 months 
from approx 2.5 years 


Wrap Conversions - wrap to be provided by the customer

Traditional Style Onbu Carrier - £70

straps can be 50", 60" or 72" 

wrap strap or padded straps

Buckle Onbu - £70

Reverse Onbu - £85

Reverse Onbu short strap version - £80

The Buckle and Reverse onbu have adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit. 

Carriers (non wrap conversions) 

Traditional Style* and Buckle Onbu** 

Standard Size - £85

Toddler Size - £90

Preschool - £95

*straps can be 50", 60" or 72"

padded straps are standard

**The Buckle onbu has adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit. 

Reverse Onbu partial wrap conversion

Standard size -£95

Toddler - £100

Preschool - £105

Short strap version

Standard - £90

Toddler - £95

Preschool - £100

These carriers require wrap fabric for the lower straps, you will need 2m15cm of wrap full width or just under a meter for the short strap version. The rest of the carrier can be made from twill or similar fabric. 

The Reverse onbu also has adjustable straps to provide the perfect fit. 

- all of the above prices include a flat sleep hood.

Optional extras:

Sleep Hood upgrade - £10

pixie hood, sweater hood 

or flat adjustable hood

Removable Hood - £7.50

will attach with 4 press studs

Legs Out Padding - £8

Arms and Legs out Padding - £16

Decorative Fabric Panel - £12

Phoenix Padded to Wrap Straps - £17.50*

*only available for traditional style wrap conversions

Pair of rings either side - £7 **

**traditional style carriers only

Machine Embroidery and Applique - Price depends upon complexity and size please contact me for more information.