The Cherry Pop is a compact half buckle wrap conversion mei tai. Its light weight, comfy and versatile. It folds down so small its perfect for holidays and fitting in your hand luggage. 

It features long wrap straps, flat hood and a webbing only waist which has the benefit of a width adjuster in the center of the body panel to make the seat smaller for younger babies. Between the wrap straps and the width adjuster this carrier is suitable for young babies and larger toddlers. 

This gorgeous Little Frog Cherry Berry Baby Pop HB is now in its new home in Sheffield. It will be well loved and well used by the families here! It's so comfy - this little fella slept so peacefully, and it was light and cool in the baking heat too  - Sheffield  Sling Surgery  

 Action shot of a Babywearing Daddy! Thank-you Amanda W for letting me use your photo.

This is the prototype that sprang forth very late one night!  

We've had the pleasure of playing with your Cherry Pop tester today at Sale Sling Library... Very impressed! Everyone who tried it, loved it... Sent it on to the next testers now, but counting down the hours to being able to have another play at the European Babywearing Conference! - Sale Sling Library